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Rosco Camera System Installation Instructions
Last Update : 2019/08/12
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Rosco Vision System Installation Information

Answer / Solution

If you are unsure about proper installation techniques, contact a professional. It is more cost effective to have the installation done right the first time. Be sure to give your installer the documents linked below. Failure to follow the instructions in the linked documents will lead to issues. Instructions herein are not all inclusive and installation best practices should be followed by a qualified installer or mechanic using the attached documents.

Other tips:

1. Installation is not complete until you see a media clip online in your account. 

2. Do not clean the window with alcohol pads. Only use the pads provided above 55 degrees and waiting the listed cure time before mounting. No other mounting technique works long-term as determined by testing done by 3M Corp.

3. SD card & Camer Head Removal - It is very important that you properly power off the camera before removing the SD card or mounting the camera head (**ignition must be off**). Failing to do so may corrupt the SD card or camera firmware, potentially causing a loss of all data. To remov the SD card, hold the orange button for 5-6 seconds until the LED screen goes blank and then remove the card. The ignition may be off but the camera can still have power so be sure to follow this procedure. For the camera head, be sure the ignition is off.

4. The camera off delay has an auto shut down in case the battery level drops.

5. The larger cellular antenna mounts with the larger side to the glass.

6. Use a poke and wrap or solder connections. Crimp connectors and fuse taps are not recommended.

7. Zip tie all wire connections going into the unit, especially around the USB connections.

8. Avoid the airbag system.

9. Upgrade to a larger SD card for more recording time. 3,000 hours is achievable at the lowest settings. The more cameras, turning on of the audio recording, etc., divides the storage space among these files. A factory
    supplied/approved SD card is required due to extreme conditions encountered.

10. If the camera does not transmit data after confirming power and ignition, check the USB and antenna connections and reseat the cellular SIM card.


Contact Level 1 support at 800.481.1319

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